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Child Care Accredited by Alberta Children and Youth Services

Being one of the earliest centres to be accredited in the Edmonton area, ABC Child Development Centre Day Care remains accredited today by meeting the standards of excellence set by Alberta Children and Youth Services. Since 1986, the goal of our philosophy and programs has been to provide quality child care at affordable rates. ABC Child Development uses the advantages of our accreditation to further our staff’s professional development in order to provide the best possible care for your child and family.

Program Accreditation by Objective Assessment

“Accreditation is a voluntary process that objectively assesses whether child care programs meet child care standards of excellence. Alberta Children and Youth Services contracts with an out-of-school care accreditation agency to work through the accreditation process and grant accreditation status once the program meets the standards of excellence.” - Alberta Children and Youth Services

ABC Nurtures Your Child’s Unique Development

Your child’s unique character and needs are valued at ABC Child Development Centre Day Care. Aware and sensitive to your child’s emotional, intellectual and physical needs, our teachers observe your child’s special interests to plan learning activities that are engaging and age appropriate. Your child stays active and interacts with other children, adults and a rich variety of materials. Your child learns through play in a stimulating and encouraging environment.

Our Doors Are Open to Parents and Families

Because you and your family are the most significant influences in your child’s life, the staff of ABC Child Development Centre Day Care welcomes you as part of our program. We encourage you to communicate with us every day, and our doors are open to parents at all times.

ABC Values Your Child’s Growth and Self-Esteem

ABC provides encouraging and valuable care for your children. Learning through play and a caring, well-trained staff provide an environment where your child is secure and engaged. At our centre we believe in and implement our values:

  • Each child is an important individual
  • Each child develops at a different rate in individual ways
  • Children learn through play and person experiences
  • Children learn best in an atmosphere of trust and encouragement
  • Self-esteem is crucial to learning
  • Family is the center of a child’s development
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