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Get Child Care Subsidy in Edmonton

The Ministry of Human Services provides financial assistance to eligible lower-income families that use:

Licensed daycare centres
Licensed group family child care
Approved family day homes
Licensed out-of-school care centres
Licensed pre-schools
Approved early childhood development programs

You can apply for a subsidy if:

You and your spouse/partner or the child receiving care are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada.
You or your spouse/partner are an Alberta resident.
You and your spouse/partner: are currently working, attending school, looking for work, have special needs, or your child has a special need.
Your children are 12 years of age or younger and are not yet attending Grade 7.
Your children have a secured spot in a licensed daycare or out of school care facility, or an approved family day home or group family child care program.
Your total family income is less than $75,000 per year.
Income eligibility is determined by combining you and your spouse/partner's income tax information from your most recent Notice of Assessment, issued by the Canada Revenue Agency.
Income is based on Line 15000 (gross income) subtracted by any amounts that are reported on Line 32000 (education-related tax deductions), as well as Lines 33099 and 33199 (medical related tax deductions).
In the event of a recent loss of income, or if you and your spouse/partner were not required to file a Canadian tax return, you can request to be evaluated on current income/deduction estimates using the contact information below.

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